Summary of season 2022


EST version is HERE The main goal of this season was to represent my country with dignity at the international athletics competitions in Munich. To prepare three Estonian male marathoners to compete for a team medal at the European Championships in Munich. There were only three members in the team? Tiidrek Nurme, Roman Fosti and [...]

Munich European Championships 2022


Race name: European Athletics Championships 2022 Place: Munich, Germany Distance: 42.2 K Date: 15.08.2022 Starting time: 11.30 Drinks: The drinking stations were well organized, unfortunately I lost a bottle at the 22.3 km drinking station. Refreshment Station 1 at km: 2.3, 12.3, 22.3 & 32.3 (Peeter, Maile) Refreshment Station 2 at km: 7, 17, 27 [...]

Summary of Season 2021


EST version The year started with a training camp in Kenya which lasted until May. My competition schedule was not fixed when I started this camp as the global Coronavirus pandemic had put many races on hold. I also extended the camp twice during that time. My family was able to join me while I [...]

My Team and Sponsors for the 2021 Olympic Season


WITH YOUR HELP I WILL TAKE PART IN THE THIRD OLYMPIC GAMES OF MY LIFE!  Trainer Mark Misch Assistant coach and manager Harry Lemberg Manager Charles Paanakker Spiritual mentor Brad Bartz and Nick Schuetze Masseur Peeter Nigol Sports medicine doctors Agnes Mägi and Mihkel Mardna Wife Maili together with our children      

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Marathon


(EST versioon) Just one day before leaving Estonia, I received bad news from Synlab laboratory: “Your second covid-19 test shows borderline results.” It made my heart flutter, felt like a scene in a movie. I tried to stay calm, but still started to look for culprits. I did not have to look far. I am [...]

My Athletics year of 2020


My year of sport started with a bang in the marathon of Sevilla, when I crossed the finish line with a time of 2.10.02 that qualified me for the Olympics. The emotion emerging from the achievement was genuine – thanks be to God that He takes my desires into account! Sports physiologists were not as [...]

World Championships During Coronavirus


The new Estonian national record of 1:02:20, which I ran during the World Athletics Half Marathon Championships in Gdynia, is a beautiful personal accomplishment that rewarded me the 41st place in a competition of 122 men. However, as a national team we were one of the most successful teams. All our members beat their individual [...]

The road to an amazing marathon result (Seville 2020)


Each day that passes after the successful marathon in Seville makes the recollection more romanticized. I outdid my personal record by almost four minutes, achieving the second-best time in Estonian history – 2:10:02. With this result I got the opportunity to represent Estonia in Tokyo Olympics 2020. Immediately after the race I told one of [...]

My Athletics year of 2019


In terms of Athletics Performances, my 2019 Season was a great one!   Hannover 2019 Foto: Norbert-Wilhelmi   In april I ran Hannover Marathon a new personal record and an Estonian all time second result 2:13.40.   Doha 2019 Foto: Tairo Lutter / Postimees   At the IAAF Athletics World Marathon in Doha, I reached [...]

Doha WCH marathon impressions


Doha World Championships in marathon was the highlight of my this year's racing calendar. I prepared for it carefully. 26th place among 73 runners was a great achievement. The time 2.17.38 was better result than I expected due to the high temperature and the midnight race. Mens race was different than womens race due to [...]

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